Happy New Year . . . Let’s Believe for Bigger in 2018!

I know, I know . . . I’m late, but better late than never, right?

I pray that your 2018 be filled with love, laughter + complete joy.  I pray wholeness in every area of your life with nothing missing or broken. May you be blessed with everything you need to the overflow. I hope your relationships are fulfilling, solid + make you smile. I believe for your total prosperity + that you be a source for good fruit. I pray for your strength + Divine health. My desire for you is what I desire for myself . . . the capacity to dream big, have a vision for your life + greet each day with expectancy.

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For me, 2018 started off fast + furious. My business is growing, which means I have to be prepared with all the supplies, raw material + everything else needed to meet the demands of increase.  I must use my time wisely + plan for success, which means consciously minimizing time wasters.  It also means eliminating procrastination.  I AM excited about the flow of life + will take full advantage of it.

I’m not sure about the destination but this journey has a few twists + turns . . . good thing my steps are being ordered.  I am working on new products to present to you . . . some of ’em aren’t soap + are going in a slightly direction; however, they fit into the mission of fermentation, holistic + real food . . . so I’m good with the expansion and look forward to getting your feedback. I’m also working with 2 fantastic manufacturers to bring you bath accessories to accompany + compliment J. Lexi products . . . stay tuned for more information.

In opening more in J. Lexi’s holistic or whole person approach, I will also offer soothing + centering products like botanical-infused gem candles + incense.

In the midst of all this business growth, in 2018 I’ve decided to make more time for family + to spend some time away from my computer + actually engage with people . . . in person.  Sooo, you just might see me out + about.

So yes, 2018 is set in motion + is quickly moving forward.

I’d love to hear about what’s new + exciting in your life . . . please share.


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Unstoppable Warrior Woman Collaboration . . .

I’ve collaborated with Bershan Shaw + 23 other Unstoppable Warrior Women in a book project to be published soon . . . stay tuned to read about my season of being pressed like the olive + the Faith that kept me.


Introducing our Newest Probiotic Skin Care Product

SCOBY Conditioning Skin Pre-Wash . . .

SCOBY referred to as “the mother” or “mushroom” stands for Symbotic Colony of Bacteria + Yeast. It’s this live culture that turns sweet tea into kombucha, the fermented + beneficial elixir.

At J. Lexi I focus on uncommon beauty using fermentation + real foods . . . So, this SCOBY Pre-Wash fits right into the mission + purpose of my brand!

Many kombucha home-brewers have used the raw SCOBY as a facial mask, so massaging it into the rest of your skin shouldn’t be a big deal, right? This 100% SCOBY + kombucha vinegar pre-wash deeply penetrate the layers of your skin + help you achieve healthy + beautiful appearance.

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Benefits of the SCOBY for the skin:

 with a 4.5 pH, the culture has the effect of a mild + all-natural acid peel by removing dead skin cells and leaving the skin exfoliated, soft + smooth

 can be used on face + body

 mildly detoxifies + purges skin of debris

 helps pull circulation to the surface of the skin to help regenerate skin cells

 is a natural skin-toning + conditioning agent

 the beneficial bacteria + yeast can help minimize skin irritations and kill acne-causing bacteria

 can be used as a live bandage, or under a bandage. It will sting a little. The acidity is believed to help support healing

 vitamin + mineral rich

 renews, refreshes + helps skin achieve a natural glow

 the natural acids in the SCOBY help purge debris + dissolve lotions, oils + butters on the skin

 comes in a glass jar to maintain the SCOBY’s integrity

Try our innovative + exclusive SCOBY Conditioning Skin Pre-Wash today, your skin will thank you.

That’s it for now.
@ J. Lexi, I want to help you to achieve total health . . . holistically.

Creative Director + Holistic Skin Food Chef

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