Premium Laundry Butter . . .

Premium Laundry Butter . . .


I recently ventured into the world of laundry butter!  Although I create complicated soap formulations, the idea of making laundry butter intimated me.

I must say that making this creamy butter was not only rewar

ding, but also super easy. With a base of 100% natural cleansing agents my laundry butter cleaned my clothes very well + they smelled fresh, too.

P1050451I was a little put off at first because there were no suds, I mean nothing, zero!  Lack of suds when washing clothes was strange to me because I’m used to seeing lather.  Don’t let the lack of bubbles fool you!  Being a soap maker I know that suds + lather do not equal cleansing.  Many think it’s the bubbles that make things clean . . . but this isn’t true. The bubbles in commercial laundry detergents are caused by chemical foaming agents . . . not cleansing agents.  While I saw no bubbles, I was the dirt being released in the water . . . yay!

I’m typically not a 5-in-1 girl, but I must admit that after washing my clothes I applied a little laundry butter directly to my stove + within minutes the grease was dissolved + I wiped off the stove with a cloth.  Then I walked over to my stainless steel refrigerator and cleaned it, too, with the butter.  This really built up my confidence in the product, so after that I cleaned a floor tile . . . the next morning I cleaned the bath tub.  I must say that I was Ahhmazed by how well my Premium Laundry Butter cleaned not only clothes but other things, too.  With all the cleansing boosters I added I shouldn’t be surprised . . . at all.

Our premium, super concentrated laundry butter has many benefits:

smallest flower The first benefit is knowing exactly what’s in it.  Our non-toxic laundry detergent is FREE of phosphates + sulfates. Besides having a 100% coconut oil base, it contains other natural cleansing agents.

smallest flower It’s economical . . . 1 tablespoon is all you need for an average-size load of laundry. One quart yields up to 54 loads.  Our quart-size container holds 27 ounces of whipped butter.

smallest flower Can be applied directly to stains.  Apply a little of our concentrated laundry butter to the stain in a circular motion then let sit a few moments before washing.

smallest flower Can be used in front-load and top-load washers.

smallest flower Comes in a clean, odor-neutralizing fragrance, fragrance free + an essential oil citrus blend.

smallest flower Is available in a 1 quart environmentally-friendly glass jar or recyclable plastic pail.  If you’re local, you can refill your container for a 10% discount.

smallest flower It’s multi-purpose . . . not only does it clean clothes, our natural cleanser cuts grease + can be used to clean counter-tops, stoves, refrigerators, bath tubs, floors, rugs, upholstery + more!

P1050470I have a limited supply of Premium Laundry Butter samples, if you’d like to try it . . . on me, please let me know.

Free shipping is within the United States. For samples shipped outside the United States, shipping costs are applied.


Update 10/18/15 . . .

I usually wash my clothes in cold water . . .

However, today I decided to wash some laundry pre-treated with my Premium Stain Stick along with the Premium Laundry Butter.  To my surprise it bubbled!P1050487Everyone who makes laundry butter says it doesn’t suds.  The suds must have come from a combination of the concentrated stain stick, laundry butter + hot water.

So I would suggest not expecting suds + being pleasantly surprised if you get some :).

Premium Stain Stick . . .

We’ve also created a pre-wash Premium Laundry Stain Stick to partner with our Premium Laundry Butter. P1050474

smallest flower Simply wet the stain stick + apply to the stain in a circular motion.  You’ll see the stain stick @ work as it breaks up + dissolves tough stains.  Give the stain stick a few minutes to penetrate the stain before washing with our premium laundry butter.

smallest flower Our super concentrated, color-safe stick can also be used on carpets, upholstery + more.   Apply damp stain stick to stain in a circular motion, wait a few minutes, apply water as needed, then rinse thoroughly.

The laundry detergent + stain stick are now available on Etsy . . .

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If you’re looking for quality soap or candle-making ingredients, butters, fragrances, essential oils + more, shop @ Essential Depot through my affiliate link . . .

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In our next blog I will reveal our newest benefit ingredient that loves, nourishes + protects your skin . . . stay tuned.

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