Bulletproof Coffee Express . . .

Over the last 2 weeks or so, I’ve been making Bullet-Proof Coffee every morning.

bulletproof coffee

What’s Bulletproof Coffee?
I’m glad you asked.  Traditional Bulletproof Coffee is a blend of Upgraded Coffee™, Brain Octane™ Oil + unsalted grass-fed butter.  Aside from tasting awesome, it makes you feel energized, focused + full for hours on end.

My version of Bulletproof Coffee consists of organic low-acid coffee, unrefined virgin coconut oil, handmade organic raw, cultured butter, organic ghee, raw organic cacoa powder, pure vanilla, cinnamon, Canadian Chaga mushroom powder, organic turmeric, organic raw agave syrup + Reishi mushroom powder . . . oh yeah, and fresh 11 pH alkaline water (from my Life Ionizer M-13 UC alkaline water filter below).  M13I love my version of this popular coffee!  It’s energizing, helps me focus + serves as breakfast.  The addition of fresh alkaline water provides anti-oxidants, increases you body’s pH balance + helps the coffee to taste much better . . . not to mention cleaner, cause my Life Ionizer has a pre-filter that removes 99.80% of the contaminates from my tap water.

Instead of gathering the 11 ingredients to make my coffee every morning,


I decided to combine all ingredients except for the coffee (which I brew fresh every morning) + the agave syrup (cause my daughter prefers Stevia).  This creamy mixture saves me a few minutes in the morning, which is great.  I add two rounded tablespoons to my hot coffee + blend until frothy.  It’s delicious, nutritious + smells divine!

Introducing Bulletproof Coffee Express . . .



If you’re interested + local to Essex County in New Jersey, I invite you to participate in my Fresh Alkaline Water Challenge where you’ll get 10 gallons of fresh alkaline water over a 10-day period.  You provide the containers (BPA free +/or PET preferred) + pick up service . . . I’ll provide the water. 

For more information on the Fresh Alkaline Water Challenge or
the Life Ionizing Alkaline Water filters, email me @ celestemunford1@gmail.com.

Get $500 off your Life Ionizer M-13,
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10 Reasons to Drink Fresh Alkaline Water from an Ionizing Filter . . .
smallest flower Hydration
smallest flower Detoxification
smallest flower Balanced pH
smallest flower Weight Loss
smallest flower Anti-Aging
smallest flower Heart Health + Blood Pressure
smallest flower Liver Health
smallest flower Bone Health
smallest flower Digestive Health
smallest flower Sports Performance

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That’s it for now!

Helping to keep you hydrated, exfoliated, moisturized + with great pH balance!


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