The Skin You’re In . . .

J. Lexi makes superior, gourmet skin-loving products!  Our soaps, body oils, lotions, scrubs, salves, balms + butters are luxurious + real skin-food.  We take the time to find nourishing ingredients that love on your skin.  When it comes to healthy, beautiful skin, no ingredient is off limits!  Many of our ingredients are unique + uncommon in skin + hair care products.  We eat fresh, raw carrots, lightly steam our asparagus, take calcium tablets, eat fresh bananas and drink freshly steeped green tea (with or without Activated Manuka 20+ honey) . . . but we usually don’t apply those ingredients topically to our skin.  Our company firmly believes that what’s beneficial for your skin by eating fresh foods are also good for you skin by applying them directly onto the skin.  I know what you’re thinking . . . asparagus in soap?!?!?  Our answer is yes, asparagus in soap!

In our recipes we use generous amounts of the key ingredients.  For example, in our Milk + Mud spa bar we don’t just add a little dry mud clay for label appeal.  We use anywhere between 6 to 8 oz of spa-quality mud in a 4-pound batch!  REAL Hungarian Moor Mud!!!

Our goal is to create products that love on your skin.

Because our products contain quality ingredients in generous portions, we suggest that you read the ingredient  list for allergens before using. We also recommend patch testing for product sensitivities. Our products are not your everyday handmade soap + may take a little getting used to.  Your skin may tingle when first using our products . . . after all, your skin probably isn’t used to real-food recipes like ours.  It may also take your skin + hair a minute to detox from the chemicals they’re used to feasting on!

Did you know that the skin, our body’s largest organ, has the ability to absorb nutrients?

Next time, we’ll discuss the best way to shower to get the most of our ingredients!!!

Stay Hydrated,


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