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What Is Diatomaceous Earth?

We are exposed to pollutants, bacteria, and other toxins now more than ever before. These toxins get into our bodies + slow down our internal body functions making us weak + tired. Toxins need to be removed from our bodies in order for them to operate at maximum efficiency.  God has provided us with FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth to use as a natural cleanser.

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Diatomaceous Earth: Nature’s Cleanser

Diatomaceous Earth is made up of the fossils of prehistoric microorganisms that filled the seas + oceans. As these algae died, their exoskeletons settled at the bottom of the oceans and formed huge deposits of diatomite. Eventually through climate change, these deposits shifted onto land and are what we now know as diatomaceous earth.

How Does Diatomaceous Earth Work?

Diatomaceous Earth’s sharp edges that cut through + stick to toxins. As diatomaceous earth travels through the digestive tract, these toxins are absorbed + trapped by each diatomaceous earth atom. Toxins are then excreted through bowel movements + are effectively flushed from the body.

The most important material Diatomaceous Earth removes is toxic heavy metals, which are elements that have at least 5x the density of water. Some of the most heavy metals include iron, copper, zinc, aluminum, mercury + cadmium.  In small doses, these metals play an important role in our daily lives – especially iron, copper, and zinc. However, in heavy doses they can cause severe problems.

Diatomaceous earth also removes mucus, mold spores, and waste material from the intestines. As it moves through the intestines, diatomaceous earth will scrub the walls. This means a person will experience regular, normal bowel movements. Humans will also have a healthier colon as well as a healthier intestinal tract.

Is Diatomaceous Earth Safe?

Yes! Diatomaceous Earth when consumed, enters into the digestive track + attacks allergens, parasites like bacteria + viruses, as well as bigger parasites like ringworms + tapeworms. The sharp edges of diatomaceous earth then cut the exoskeletons of these animals, which kills them. They are then eliminated out of the body + removed permanently.

What To Know When Using Diatomaceous Earth

FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth has many uses in the home + garden; it can also be used as a dietary supplement. There are two types of DE.  ONLY THE FOOD GRADE IS FOR CONSUMPTION.

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I use DE as a detoxifier by adding 1 to 2 heaping teaspoons to alkaline water.  Due to the high silica content, DE is also used as a beautifying ingredient.  It helps strengthen teeth + gums and increases health to skin, hair + nails.  DE is also a deodorizer + detoxifier.
scalp scrub
@ J. Lexi, we use food grade Diatomaceous Earth in at least 9 of our products.  One of our most popular products is the Scalp + Exfoliating Sugar Scrub.  Our Scalp Exfoliating + Stimulating Sugar Scrub is ideal for those with clogged pores or for those who just want to stimulate their scalp to help with blood circulation.  This all natural scalp scrub exfoliates to remove dead skin cells, opens hair follicles, removes oils + impurities on the scalps surface that block oxygen + repels water and it nourishes + cleanses the scalp.

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In our posts we focus on the beautifying benefits of ingredients + provide information only.  We do not diagnose, treat or cure disease. For more information on DE, please read the attached article or search the web for yourself.

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