Reintroducing J. Lexi, LLC

Please Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself . . .

I know, I should have done this yesterday with my first post in months; anywhoo, I just thought of it so here’s an update about J. Lexi, LLC:

At J. Lexi, LLC we believe every person is fearfully + wonderfully made with a unique beauty, style + personality.
Celebrate your truth + live your dreams.


sing the bounty of nature we create luxurious + conditioning soaps, scrubs, lotions, body oils, hair butter, shampoo bars, salves, balms + more.  Our products nourish your skin + hair and feed your soul.
At J. Lexi we believe ingredients are best as nature created them…fresh, whole + raw.  We use as much of the ingredient as possible . . . pulp, seeds, juice + skin!  

Our natural products are handcrafted in small batches in Essex County, New Jersey.  Living in the Garden State, we have access to an abundant local harvest!  We believe the majority of fruits + veggies we put in our bodies for life + health can be applied topically to our skin, yielding great results! 

Our recipes contain a combination of fresh, raw fruits, vegetables and raw + unrefined plant-based oils + butters (whenever possible), herbs, botanicals, vitamins, proteins, minerals, superfoods, amino acids, fresh brewed herbal teas, raw milks + creams. To gently exfoliate we use a host of raw nuts, seeds, grains + shells.   We have a few natural soaps that are vegan friendly + do not contain any animal products (like beeswax, tallow, silk or dairy). 
We do NOT use lard or canned foods in our products.

We search for unique + uncommon skin-loving ingredients to use in our one-of-a kind products. At J. Lexi our desire is to create products that “work” or “do something”.  All soaps cleanse, lotions moisturize, scrubs exfoliate . . . we aim to go above + beyond the norm to help you have healthy + beautiful skin! 
Our goal is to help you achieve a hydrated, moisturized, smooth, even-tone + blemish-free complexion . . . from head-to-toe.
Our products have a difference that you can see + feel.

The J. Lexi Difference
In aligning our belief that natural is best, our goal is to use as much raw, unfiltered oils + butters in addition to raw, fresh fruit, veggies + dairy, as possible. 

Real Food for Healthy Skin.
BE Beautiful . . . Naked!

naked: truth, obvious, undisguised + void of pretense

smallest flower          smallest flower          smallest flower

etsyYay!  In talking to my handmade community, many talked about the need to set up an Etsy store even if you have a dedicated website.  The reason is that millions of people shop on Etsy daily (well, I don’t know if millions is the right number; however, there are many!); these people don’t know your business exists so they wouldn’t go to your website.  Another reason is that there are people whose job is to search Etsy in hope of finding that new, different + unique item (like our J. Lexi, LLC products).

Sooo, I was up until 2:30a setting up my Etsy store which can be found @ JLexiLLC.  I’m not really sure how Etsy works . . . I believe you set up items which are active for 4 months + you pay $.20 per item.  I also believe they get a large percentage of your sales.  This didn’t sound great to me, either; until one of the makers suggestion it said, it’s the cost to market + advertise; she also said the ROI (return on investment) was worth it . . . so I said OK.

Please visit our J. Lexi, LLC Etsy Store @ + let me know what you think.  Your support + opinion are greatly appreciated!

smallest flower          smallest flower          smallest flower

New Product on the Curing Rack . . .

Flax + Chia Seed  Flax + Chia Seed Face + Body Bar

I enjoyed making this bar for a few reasons.  First I love using unique, uncommon + underused skin-loving ingredients.  The ingredients teach me soooo much about how to extract the best from them.

There are 5 characteristics of soap:  hardness, cleansing, conditioning, bubbly + creamy.  At J. Lexi, the 1st characteristic we look for is conditioning!  We take time to formulate our recipes to create all of our bars as conditioning as possible!

OK, back to the Flax + Chia Seed Face + Body Bar . . . its conditioning, has stable bubbles + is creamy.  This bar contains unrefined shea butter, flax oil + hand-cut aloe vera gel.  I made the most of the whole flax + chia seeds.  More about mucilage and the flax + chia seed in a later post.

Let’s talk.  Please comment + share your thoughts!

In cleansing of the mind, body + Spirit!



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