Confessions of a Maker . . .

I AM a Maker @ Heart . . .

I’ve always loved to cook + bake. However, it wasn’t until soaping that really started my creative juices flowing!

I attended a soapmaking class that was life-changing!  In that class (which was the only soapmaking class I’ve taken thus far) I realized that as long as I following the rule about using the proper amounts of liquid, lye + oils, I could create any soap I wanted.  If I could envision it . . . I could bring it to fruition!

From the very beginning I knew I wanted to make handmade soap that was different from anything I’ve ever seen.  I didn’t want to manufacture a product that basic, common or looked like every other soap on the market.  My products would have a unique look, feel + price point. From the beginning I embraced using unique + uncommon ingredients.  I was drawn to underused skin-loving ingredients. Learning about new ingredients excited me.

A Peek into my Creative Mind . . .

Ingredients have unique characteristics. In order to get the best product, you must understand the star ingredient then build a strong foundation of supporting ingredients around it. When I create, I have a desired theme in mind + am focused to combining ingredients that support one another. This process takes study, time, dedication + attention to the ingredients strengths + weaknesses.

I’ve been Blessed to have the ability to formulate. I’ll learn about an ingredient, then almost instantly have a recipe created around it.  I started carrying a notebook with me @ all times because when Inspiration flowed, I needed to capture it in that moment . . . it was like bursts of information + ideas that came at once . . . which was both exciting + intimating!  I’ve learned + continue to learn to let the key ingredients speak for themselves.  For once it my life, I wasn’t afraid to flow + allow myself to go there.  You see, in my everyday life I’m pretty straight laced but in my business, I have somewhat like an alter ego that is fearless in the creation process.

Trusting Divine Guidance . . .

As a creator, I’d create, create, then create some more.  The process is intoxicating + all consuming!  The more you trust Divine Guidance, the more Divine Guidance flows.  When others said the types of food-based products I wanted to make was impossible. I’d say, if God told me to make ’em, they’re more than possible . . . (sidebar – Trust God).

BEing a maker who creates, creates + creates some more, needless to say, I have a whole lot of products . . . I mean a whole lot of products! And I realized that I have at least 10 new creations that I have yet to introduce + bring to market.

Holding onto All Things with an Open Palm . . . BEing able to Release

Last week I was looking my inventory trying to figure out where to store it along with all the raw material, molds, other equipment + supplies. I received Divine Guidance about discounting 75% of my products by 30% to 45%.  I don’t discount products often +  have never discounted 75% of my inventory . . . after all, sales are OK. It’s hard to say I BElieve God + walk in disbelief . . . so I followed the inspiration I was given + discounted the products.

I don’t know what the instruction means or what the next step will be but I AM walking in Faith.  With that being said, most of my products have been discounted on my website  I’m excited to offer you our products @ a limited edition.  Some products may return . . . others may not.  This is the best time to stock up on your favorites or try something new.

30% Sale 2

That’s all for now.

Helping to keep you exfoliated, hydrated + moisturized.


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