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What is Jun . . .

Jun pronounced “(/juhn/) or “Xunis an effervescent fermented health tonic similar to kombucha but it feeds on organic green tea + raw honey rather than organic black tea + organic sugar.  Considered the Champagne of Fermented Tea, Jun is widely found in parts of western Tibet.

I love, love, love kombucha! Black + green tea kombucha elixir are delicious; recently I added Oolong tea + I like  it, too. I start drinking it usually around day 15 when the SCOBY (Symbotic Colony of Bacteria + Yeast) transforms the sugar into kombucha.  I like to add fruit + herbs to a second fermentation of kombucha . . . however, I think fresh ginger ranks the top of my list. In my last batch I added bamboo leaves.

Not only do I drink kombucha, I use it in my products to make soap + facial toners. I turn the kombucha into kombucha vinegar by fermenting it for longer than 30 days and add it to my bath water, use it in marinades + as a replacement for recipes calling apple cider vinegar with the mother. I’ve even made candy from the SCOBY, it tasted like cinnamon apples!

So when I discovered Jun I thought, WOW! another fermented beverage made from organic green tea + raw local honey; two ingredients I love. Sooo, I excitedly purchased my June SCOBY + tea and made it as soon as it arrived.

Jun was much more fizzy, had a honey flavor + looked like sparkling apple cider.It’s also more expensive due to the addition of local raw organic honey.  In comparison to kombucha, Jun appeared to look more classy. I didn’t love it . . . OK, I really didn’t like it much @ all 🙁 but I drank it + made a batch of soap out of it. Both Alexa + I decided that it was the full-frontal honey flavor that we didn’t like

Our Jun + Ginko Biloba soap turned out very well!  It’s sudsy, has a nice fragrance , exfoliates + provides a cleansing that is both gentle + conditioning. This limited edition bar also has a neutral pH.

Jun + Ginko Biloba

As a fermented beverage, Jun has good bacteria to cleanse, nourish + condition skin as it helps to keep skin free of breakouts.

I decided to keep the Jun going by adding more tea in hopes that its acquired taste would grow on me or at the very least continue to make soap with it.  I checked on the Jun on Friday + saw black mold, so I threw it away.

Since I didn’t care for Jun, I’m not gonna make anymore which means I won’t be able to make soap, either.  Soooo, I will make Jun available as a Limited Edition . . . when it’s gone, it’s gone. Get a bar (or 2) from my www.jlexillc.com.

Have you ever tasted or fermented Jun?

What fermented or homemade probiotics to you make?

That’s all for now.

Helping to keep you exfoliated, hydrated + moisturized!








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