Happy New Year!!!

I know I’m a little late wishing you a Happy New Year + the best in 2017 . . . but better late than never, right

On New Year’s eve I reflected by looking at my life in 2016. I determined what I considered to be successes + where I missed the mark.  I decided what I would bring into 2017 + the things that had to stay in 2016.

Based on my reflection, I started planning for 2017. Firstly, I decided who I wanted to be + what that would look like . . . cause everything begins with identity. After identifying the look, feel + expression of my personhood, I looked @ my relationship with God, my self, my family, friends, etc. I looked at my business + the relationship I want to have with my clients + so on.

I broke with the black-eyed pea tradition. Annually on New Year’s Eve I would cook the beans + bring in the New Year eating ’em.  Along with black-eye peas, I celebrated the idea tha if a man was the first person to enter your home in the New Year, you’d have much luck + success.  Since I didn’t want to drag a man in from the streets + don’t believe in luck, I canned that one, too!

I ended 2016 + began 2017 in prayer, which was exactly where I wanted to be.

How did you bring in the New Year?  What are your plans + strategy for success in 2017?

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Healing Broth . . .

Weekly I make bone broth made with chicken backs, necks + feet and I drink it religiously!  After all, what could be better than a hot mug of goodness? I recently came across a recipe for “Healing Broth” a powerful mineral-rich liquid that carries the essence of vitally nutritious vegetables, herbs, + spices in a way that is easy for the body to digest, assimilate + utilize. Sooo, since I love a hearty + healing broth, especially on a winter day, I decided to try it.

I tweeked the recipe by leaving the skins on all of the vegetables because the skins, in many cases, are more nutrient-rich than the meat of it’s content. I used sweet potato instead of carrots, added chicken feet + collards.  This herbal blend was not only delicious but was perfect in taste . . . meaning I didn’t need to add any additional seasonings . . . OK, salt . . . to the recipe.

I slow-cooked the stock for at least 24 hours + strained it well.  I left a little starter broth in the crock + was able to make a second batch from the same veggies.  Both batches were excellent.

For the original recipe + information on the Healing Broth’s benefits, visit http://www.medicalmedium.com/blog/healing-broth.

@ J. Lexi, I use healing + beneficial foods in my products.  I believe that @ least 90% of what we eat for healthy skin can be applied topically.  I test that belief with every holistic recipe I formulate.  Since we’re talking about Healing Broth, I wanted to let you know that I created a Broth soap. Our collagen-rich Broth is made with chicken bone broth.  I know, I know . . . you don’t have to say it, but I dare you to try it.  It gently cleanses, imparts collagen +  helps to detoxify + decongest your skin to reveal it’s natural beauty.

That’s all for now.
Helping to keep you exfoliated, hydrated + moisturized!



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