UNITY . . .

On Saturday, January 21st, while closing out 2016 + auditing my products I looked around my soap room only to find 2 medium boxes overflowing with soap of various sizes, shapes + colors.  Part of the reason I sat them aside was because I didn’t want to design packaging + create descriptions for soap that I was probably not going to make again . . . so in the soap box they went.

When auditing products you go through each type to reconcile the number you have on hand.  While counting the soap I came across about 20 different soaps that I sold @ discount because they, too, were going to be discontinued.  Each type of soap had from 2 to 5 bars left.  I also came across way too many soap odds + ends; which I usually sell per pound, but decided that customizing each order, individually wrapping + labeling the soap was becoming too much, as my orders were increasing.  In hindsight, I realize that I was creating a smoother-running machine + becoming more organized.

While cleaning + organizing my soap room and auditing my inventory, I was also watching cable news.  I was extremely inspired by the Women’s March on Washington, D.C., as well as, all of the Sister Marches + Rallies. Witnessing hundreds of thousands of women, men + children of all nationalities, religions, socioeconomic status and ages come together on one accord to achieve a purpose was Ahhmazing!  Seeing international Sister Marches helped me to understand that what affects one woman usually affects all women . . . all around the world.  We are mostly interested in the same things.  Seeing this sea of women in pink hats made me smile + I thought what unity (the state of being united or joined as a whole).

Soooo, I’m watching the Women’s March + looking around at all my small groups of many different soaps + decided to put the mosaic of soaps together to make 1 bar. Yes!  I’ll call it UNITY to celebrate the unique pieces coming together to create a whole + new thing.

UNITY bars are a compilation of many of our bars . . . about 30 or more varieties.  These may be the most gentle bars we have because of the rebatching process.  They won’t have any fancy packaging (just a breathable covering + label). I won’t be able to list the ingredients . . . cause I don’t know which bars made it into which batches . . . each batch will be unique. For that matter, each bar in each batch will be as different as we are, no two bars will be the same!  How exciting is that?

I can tell you that like all of our products, they are made from highest quality ingredients.  It’s safe to say that they will include dairy.

That’s it for now.

Helping to keep your skin exfoliated, moisturized + well hydrated.


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