Edible Green Tea Leaves???

I’m always in search of a new, unique and uncommon ingredient or item to eat +/or use in my J. Lexi products.  I was on Amazon.com looking for a quality matcha tea + came across edible green tea leaves by EatGreenTea.com.

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According to EatGreenTea.com, their edible green tea leaves are certified organic and lab-tested for purity and have 100x more antioxidants than brewed tea. They also say their edible tea leaves provide energy, increase vitality + improve health. So, of course I purchased a bag.  As soon as I received my order, I ripped open the bag + dug right in to taste them. The taste was what I expected + thought a roasted green tea leaf would taste like.

My goal was to add the tea leaves to my smoothie or add to my bullet-proof coffee, but I soon decided to eat ’em right out of the package to maximize the intended level of antioxidants + energy boost . . . so far, they’re delivering on promises.

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The benefits of eating green tea leaves far exceed the benefits of simply steeping the leaves, as maximum antioxidants are not extracted during the brewing process.

What makes this tea edible? . . .

Glad you asked, I had the same question.  The leaves are edible because they are 100% USDA certified organic + have not been treated with toxic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers . . . EatGreenTea.com produces the purest green tea leaves available.

The mission + goal of J. Lexi is to provide holistic care, which includes introducing + sharing with you products + services I like.  I am not an affiliate of EatGreenTea.com nor am I receiving any kind of payment for this advertisement . . . don’t get me wrong, I’d gladly accept a complimentary bag of these edible green tea leaves.

Visit EatGreenTea.com for recipes + more information.

If you have any products you’d like to me to try + review, please let me know.

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That’s it for now.
@ J. Lexi, I want to help you to achieve total health . . . holistically.

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